Ohio Historic Family Farm Program

Celesta Mullins, Geauga County Recorder

ODA Ohio Historic Family Farm Program

In order to become an Ohio Historic Family Farm, the farm must consist of ten or more acres devoted to agriculture use. If it is less than ten acres, the farm must produce an average yearly gross income of at least $2,500. Land under a land retirement or conservation program in agreement with the federal government qualifies.

The same family must have ownership (title of land or proof of land contract) for a minimum of 100 consecutive years. Leasing or sharecropping does not qualify as ownership. Note: Land in the process of being sold or transferred to a non-relative is not eligible.

Line of ownership from the first family member owning the land may be through wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, aunt, uncles, or cousins. Legally adopted family members are recognized equally with blood relatives.

The owner or a family member must sign the registration application.

For land in a trust or in the name of a corporation, proof must be submitted that the land remains in the family by submitting a copy of the articles of incorporation showing that only family members are members of the corporation or a copy of the trust document showing that only family members are beneficiaries of the trust.

Upon receiving the Ohio Historic Family Farm designation: in order to keep the designation, the family must continue ownership of the farm and the fam must continue to be engaged in agricultural activities.

See Ohio Historic Family Farm Program for a complete application and for more information.

If you meet all the qualifications listed on the application, and cannot find the deeds, come to the Recorder’s Office and we will show you how to search our files to find the information you need. We cannot do the search for you, but we can show you how to do it yourself and will be glad to help you. You will receive a certificate from the Department of Agriculture when your application is approved. A picture you provide will be framed and hung on our Ohio Historic Family Farm Tree at the Recorder’s Office.