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Good Deeds - Chardon Township

Good Deeds

The Geauga County Good Deeds Program

Your Geauga County Recorder, Sharon C. Gingerich, Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Judge, Tim Grendell, and Geauga County Bar Association through its President, Jim Flaiz are offering a deed review service to the residents of Geauga County called The Good Deeds Program. The Geauga County Department on Aging will also take part in this program by offering this Program to residents 60 years of age and over through their legal assistance plan.

Please see the letters and brochure below for an explanation of this Program. We hope that whether or not you participate in this program, you will begin to think about your deeds, wills, and estate planning and contact your own attorney. If you do not have an attorney, the Geauga County Bar Association has an attorney referral option at (440) 286-7160.

To make an appointment with the Department on Aging, call (440) 279-2130.

 Resident Letter                 Brochure                  Chardon City Letter

January Good Deed Program Meetings to be held in the City of Chardon

470 Center Street
Building #8
Meeting Room
Chardon, OH
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Thursday, January 31, 2013
7:00 p.m. each evening


Any Geauga County resident is welcome to attend these meetings. However, we will be pulling deeds and sending letters to the residents of the entities where the meetings are being held. If you would like to come to one of these meetings, and have not received a letter or do not live in the area, please bring a copy of your deed so that your specific questions can be addressed. 

We have already held meetings in several areas within the County. If you received a letter but were unable to attend, Sharon will be bringing the deeds for the residents who were previously contacted. Please feel free to attend any of these meetings.

Judge Grendell will explain the program and talk about other estate issues. and attorneys from the Geauga Bar Association will be on hand to answer your questions.

It is our pleasure to offer this service to the Residents of Geauga County

Sharon C. Gingerich
, Geauga County Recorder

Timothy J. Grendell, Geauga Probate/Juvenile Judge

Jim Flaiz, Geauga County Bar Association President


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