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Geauga County Resources

Utica Shale Geauga REALink If you want information on existing gas wells in Geauga, start on Geauga REALink. Put in a street number, hit enter, and chose your landowner. Or put in a landowner and choose your street. At the top of the page you will see a tab for "Map" - click on it. On the right hand side of the page type 6000 at "Scale," click on the layers and choose gas wells. A permit number will come up, add 34055 to the front of that number then go to the ODNR site referenced below and follow their directions to do a search. You can also use the "Pan Tool" in Geauga REALink to find wells in the surrounding areas.
  Ohio Department of Natural Resources Note the instructions listed below the database on this page. Use the number you obtained from Geauga REALink for your search.
  Ohio Farm Bureau Dale Arnold has been the main resource for us in the tri-county area on oil and gas leases. On this site, you will have to type in the information you are seeking whether it's Dale's name or "oil and gas."
  Ohio State University Extension Offices There is wealth of knowledge and fact sheets on this site regarding oil and gas leasing, methods, etc.
  Geauga Extension Office Les Ober wrote the article about agriculture and natural resources. He is Geauga's source for information about oil and gas and other forms of natural resources.