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  • Sharon C. Gingerich

Microfilming Board

ComputerOn June 5, 1989, by a vote of the Geauga County Board of Commissioners, per O.R.C. 307.80, the Geauga County Microfilming Board was created. The function of the Board is to monitor and approve any county activity relating to microfilmed records preservation including the purchase, lease, operation, or contracted use of any microfilming equipment. The County Recorder serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Board. Other Board members include the County Treasurer or his representative, the Clerk of the Courts of Common Pleas or her representative, a member or representative of the Board of County Commissioners chosen by the Board of County Commissioners, and the County Auditor or his representative. The Director of the Archives and Records Center serves as the secretary for the Board.

In November of 2008, the Microfilm Board, the Records Commission and the County Commissioners reorganized the Archives and Records Center and disbanded the Microfilm Center. This Department is now under the authority of the Commissioners.

The Microfilm Board meets once a year in the beginning of the year unless a meeting is called for a specific request. After the minutes are approved by the Board, they will be posted to this site.